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Report: Radio Accounts For 92% Of Listening Compared To Other Ad-Supported Audio.

Six out of every ten minutes spent listening to audio in a vehicle is to AM/FM broadcasts, which includes listening to the over-the-air broadcast or a radio station stream. Radio captures more than three times the listening time as its nearest competitor, SiriusXM, and more than five times more than other streaming audio and podcasts. This, according to Hubbard Radio’s analysis of Edison Research’s latest “Share of Ear” study.

Additionally, when compared to ad-supported streaming audio, radio’s share of listening skyrockets to 92%. AM/FM broadcast radio has 23x more in-car listening than ad-supported audio streams and podcasts, with each accounting for only 4% of in-vehicle listening, according to Hubbard’s analysis and detailed in a blog post by Katz Radio Group.

Compared to all audio options, AM/FM radio accounts for 59% of the share of listening to audio. SiriusXM receives 17% of audio listening, streaming audio (9%), owned music (8%), other (4%), and podcasts (3%).

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