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Report: Car Radio Still The Main Source For Listening To Music.

Radio continues to be the go-to for music listeners across key markets, including the U.S., Britain, Germany, Indonesia and Australia.

According to data from YouGov Profiles, 54% of U.S. consumers say they listen to music via car radio. In Australia, three-in-five consumers (61%) listen to music on the car radio. In Germany, the number is 58% and in Great Britain its 58%. In contrast, in Indonesia the number is only 27%.

Other findings from the data show that U.S. consumers are slightly more likely to stream free music online than through a paid service (35% vs. 33%). Additionally, three in ten U.S. adults listen to music on CDs (29%), while internet radio and paid downloaded music came in at 35% and 33%, respectively.

Consumers in Germany prefer to listen to music on video streaming sites vs. CDs (39% vs. 34%), while nearly a quarter of German consumers (24%) prefer internet radio. Britain’s consumers are fans of CDs with 36% rating this as their source for music listening. Meanwhile, 32% listen to paid online music services, 26% prefer internet radio and free music platforms (25%).

In Australia, CDs are the favorite way for consumers to listen to music (36%), followed by free online services (35%) and paid online services (33%). Consumers in Indonesia choose free online music platforms (56%), while nearly half of Indonesian consumers (46%) listen to music on video streaming sites or have downloaded music through file sharing sites.

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kate jone
kate jone
09. helmik. 2022

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