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Receiver Top Device For AM/FM Listening. But Phone Is The Battleground For Audio.

Although the vast majority of radio listening still occurs via a traditional radio receiver, the mobile phone is the second most used device for radio listening, according to a Share of Ear update from Edison Research.

Overall, 86% of radio listening time among those aged 13+ takes place using a radio receiver, with 14% occurring on other devices.

Among the other devices, the phone accounts for 8% of all radio listening, followed by computer (3%), smart speaker (2%), and TV (1%).

Among 18-49-year-olds, 80% are listening to radio on a radio, while 14% stream radio on their mobile phone. Computer listening is next with 4%, and smart speakers and TV account for 1% each of radio listening.

“Late last year we reported that for total audio listening, the phone surpassed the radio set for the first time. While it is always risky to predict the future, it seems reasonably safe to bet that the phone will be the primary battle zone for consumers’ time spent listening going forward,” the research firm wrote in its update. “As of today, only a relatively small portion of time spent listening to audio on the smartphone goes to ‘radio.’ As radio charts a future that is less dependent on the single-function ‘radio set,’ success on the phone, as well as other internet-enabled devices, is imperative.”

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