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Reality TV’s Long Island Medium Makes Her Move Into Podcasting.

Many of the guests on Acast’s newest podcast will never say a word, at least not that listeners will hear. They will instead talk only with reality-TV star Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s “Long Island Medium.” Known for her alleged ability to speak with the dead, Caputo is expanding into podcasting with a new series called Hey Spirit!

The podcast, produced by Audiation and Mullin Management, will feature Caputo speaking with fans, sharing “feel-good tips from her everyday life” on how to enjoy a healthier and happier time on earth, and, of course, speaking to the dead. A practicing medium for more than 15 years, Caputo is known for helping her guests work through their grief. The producers say the podcast will also allow for her fans, callers and guests to have the rare opportunity to get a reading.

“I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to connect with people from all over the world in this new format,” said Caputo. Hey Spirit! is scheduled to debut Oct. 15. The podcast will publish episodes weekly.

“Podcasts allow people to form relationships with listeners in this very intimate, personal way, by stripping everything else away and simply using their voice,” said Rebecca Steinberg, Content Development Manager at Acast. “Hey Spirit! brings to life Theresa’s work as she guides people through their most vulnerable moments, welcoming listeners in to her intuition and her sensitivity.”

The podcast launch is timed to coincide with the release of Caputo’s new book, “Good Mourning: Moving Through Everyday Losses with Wisdom from the Other Side.” It goes on sale today (Oct. 6). In the book, Caputo teaches readers to ritualize and recover from the daily losses in their lives.

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