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Radio’s Weekly Reach Rises For The Third Consecutive Month.

October marks the third consecutive month of audience growth in Nielsen PPM markets with radio’s weekly reach at 121.2 million. Since August, weekly cume has trended up from 119.3 million to 120.2 million in September to its current high-water mark, setting the stage for strong fourth-quarter listening.

October also brings a rise in AQH. After remaining flat at 7.1 million for August and September, October’s weekly AQH was 7.3 million (M-S 6am-12m).

According to a Katz Media analysis of Nielsen PPM data, October saw strong levels of listening in all dayparts, however, the largest growth is happening in both morning and afternoon drivetimes. From August through October, morning drive AQH rose 8.2M-8.7M-9.2M, while afternoon is up 9.2M-9.4M-9.7M.

Middays were flat at 10.0 million in October, which is where the daypart was in August. September middays were down slightly to 9.8 million AQH. Evenings are down slightly from 3.3 million in August to 3.2 million in October, while weekends remain steady at 5.9 million AQH in October.

The Katz study also reveals that out-of-home listening is the highest it’s been all year. In October, 69% of radio consumption was taking place away from the listener's home. It’s a slight increase from 68%, where it’s been for the past seven months.

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