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Radio Milwaukee’s New Podcast Is A Well-Timed Look At Race.

The protests and unrest in Kenosha, WI this week have again heightened interest in racial justice issues. The events are sure to give a boost of interest to a podcast series just dropped by “88Nine Radio Milwaukee” WYSM. The six-episode By Every Measure will take a data-driven approach as it examines the economic disparities that make Milwaukee one of the worst cities in the nation for its Black residents by every measure.

By Every Measure is hosted by data expert and research journalist Reggie Jackson and WYSM Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation Tarik Moody. They will explore what the podcast’s producers say is systemic racism woven into the Black experience in Milwaukee. Each episode will focus on specific areas including policing, housing, the wealth gap, education and health care — and what can be done to change those disparities. Milwaukee may have already taken the first step and admitted it has a problem when in 2019 it made national headlines when it became the first U.S. city to call systemic racism a public health crisis.

“We have a lot of conversations about race, but they are very rarely productive because people don’t know enough. And until you know things, you’re never going to have a productive conversation,” said Jackson. He said he is encouraged by the recent drive for people to increase their understanding of systemic racism. “More and more people want to learn right now. This is the right time for people learning,” Jackson said.

In addition to the audio, a conversation and resource guide will be produced for each episode, encouraging listeners to learn more and talk about what they heard in the podcast. By Every Measure becomes the eighth podcast released by the station. New episodes will be released each Monday through September 28.

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