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Radio Listening Climbs During Past Six Months, Says Eastlan-FMR Study.

A new study of 25–64-year-old Eastlan Ratings participants finds weekly AM/FM radio listening is on the rise. Conducted in March and April by Eastlan and Fohr Media Research, the study shows 31% says they are listening to radio more than they were six months ago compared to 18% who indicated less. The companies say the increase was found across gender, age, and market rank.

“This unique finding bodes well for traditional radio growing as the pandemic comes to an end and even as more audio options such as podcasts and streaming platforms are available,” FMR Managing Partner Kent Phillips said in a press release.

The study found the greatest weekly listening increase among adults 25-44 where 37% said they are listening more than they were six months ago. “More people going back to work, commuting and some cutting back on subscription audio or video services are among the primary factors cited for increased AM/FM consumption,” Phillips said.

Nearly nine in ten adults 25-65 (86%) said they listen to AM/FM at least once a week, per the study with cume listening “strong and consistent” regardless of age, sex, market rank or geographic region.

The companies say the statistically projectable national survey of 25- to 64-year-olds from the thousands surveyed each month by Eastlan was demographically balanced and geographically representative.

Eastlan’s diary-based radio ratings service uses a mixed methodology of surveys conducted over the phone and online. FMR Associates recently partnered with the ratings company to offer a qualitative research service designed for radio markets with populations of 100,000 people or smaller.

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