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Radio Listeners Are Today’s Furniture Buyers.

With so many people staying at home during the past 18 months and many still working from home, millions of households have been focused on creating a better home environment. U.S. Census Bureau retail sales data reveals the power of this trend. Sales at furniture and home furnishing stores for the January–August 2021 period increased 34.9% and 21.3%, respectively, compared to the first eight months of 2020 and 2019.

Data from five representative 2021 consumer/market surveys from The Media Audit shows a strong correlation between radio listening and furniture buying, and extending into 2022.

Unsurprisingly, Millennials represent the largest percentage of these future furniture buyers in these five markets as they are buying homes and starting families. Gen Xers are also a prime furniture-buying target audience as they are more likely buying a larger home or focused on the next phase of home improvements and furnishing upgrades. Radio is also where to reach Gen Zers and Baby Boomers as secondary audiences for future furniture purchases.

“In the context of furniture buyers, especially Millennials, radio is a perfect complement to social media and mobile marketing,” said Nick Miller, Vice President, The Media Audit. “Radio provides the reach into these target audiences and can then drive listeners to furniture stores’ digital advertising content to view the latest furniture and furnishing trends, styles, colors and fabrics.”

The Media Audit consumer/market surveys reveal several other interesting correlations. Adults 25–44 (primarily Millennials) who listen to at least one or more hours of radio daily and are planning to buy furniture are also planning to buy other major household items during the next 12 months.

The strongest correlation is with those also planning any home improvements. Many of these adults 25–44 want new furniture, but then realize new furniture deserves new interior paint or floorcovering to match the furniture they are considering. In the new post-pandemic retail paradigm, especially for local retailers, cross-marketing/promoting with other local businesses, such as electronics and floorcovering stores and home improvement contractors, is an opportunity to explore.

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