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Radio Lifts Nonprofit Web Activity By As Much As 22%.

It's yet another feather in radio's cap: the power of nonprofit advertising. During 2021, radio campaigns for nonprofits increased website visits by 5% and, when spots were on-air vs. off, upped new site users by 22%, translating to 132,600 new users from ads.

“Radio reaches millions of people weekly, and when it comes to charitable organizations, radio reaches well over 80% of adults who contributed to social care/welfare, religious or education/academic organizations,” RAB Senior VP/Insights Annette Malave says in RAB's “Radio Matters” blog, citing 2021 data from Scarborough. “What makes radio so unique is its emotional engagement and ability to connect personally.”

The data showing radio's impact on site traffic comes from an AnalyticOwl study of 134 nonprofit advertisers – including charitable foundations, religious organizations and churches and advocacy/public affairs groups– airing more than 148,000 radio ads during 2021. The research also shows nonprofit advertisers, unlike most consumer categories, experienced high web traffic most days of the week, with Mondays and Thursdays leading with an average 21,400 and 20,800 visitors respectively. Midday placements are most effective for nonprofit spots, driving the most new users to sites.

Proving the power of radio nonprofit advertising, more than half of Americans made an average charitable contribution of $574 in 2021, based on data from LendingTree. Donating the most were Millennials ($637 average) and Baby Boomers ($633).

“The goal of any nonprofit is to share the purpose or mission of their organization,” Malave says. “Connecting with the interests and passions of contributors is important to help drive these donations. Radio’s ability at connecting and connecting with local organizations such as these is second to none.”

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