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Radio Is First on the Docket for Legal Services.

Radio industry analysis indicates legal services is a $1.5 billion ad opportunity for radio stations, which many are overlooking.

Data from five representative Spring and Summer 2021 market surveys conducted by The Media Audit reveals more than half of adults 18+ who used an attorney during the past two years to collect damages were 25–44. They are the specific niche audience legal services will want to target on radio, based on the table below.

“Personal injury (PI) attorneys are the specific category of legal services who require a constant stream of leads since many people don’t think about hiring a PI attorney until they need one,” said Nick Miller, Vice President, The Media Audit. “Radio can be very valuable and cost effective for legal services by using multiple radio formats to reach niche audiences, which can be difficult with other mass media outlets.”

The radio industry analysis found many PI attorneys’ TV spots tend to run during the daytime when there are significantly fewer viewers and certainly not those 25–44. Conversely, daytime is the peak listening period for radio.

A second table of data from The Media Audit of the same five representative markets shows the strength of the 10 am–3 pm daypart to reach adults 25–44 who listen to radio daily and used an attorney during the past two years to collect damages. The morning and afternoon drive times are almost equally valuable in most of these markets.

The Media Audit data in this article provides stations and their reps with the insights they need to pitch legal services on the value of using radio instead of TV, especially during daytime dayparts. It’s an example of the importance of researching less obvious advertising categories to reveal similar gems as PI attorneys.

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