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Radio Connects Advertisers with Generation Z and Their Spending Habits.

A July 2021 Morning Consult survey revealed one-third of Gen Zers expect to increase their consumer spending once the pandemic wanes. Radio’s reach is so universal that large percentages of Gen Zers listen to radio daily. Many have spent and plan to spend on major consumer products and entertainment options, according to data from five representative 2021 consumer/market surveys from The Media Audit.

The first set of data in the table below indicates where Gen Zers have been spending their money and the strong correlation to their radio listening, in most cases, in these five markets.

“The updating of apparel among adults and children of all ages has been a major trend since the spring and is reflected in spending during the early back-to-school period,” said Jill Medina, Southwest Market Manager, The Media Audit. “Both local stores and online apparel merchants can benefit by engaging with Gen Zers on the appropriate radio stations, as the recent apparel-purchase patterns in the table above include in-store and online buying.”

The data in the first table also reveals Gen Z radio listeners are a major consumer segment leading the return to travel in general and air travel specifically as well as patronizing restaurants and movie theaters.

Many advertisers and retailers are more interested in where Gen Zers say they will spend their future consumer dollars. The second table of data features some of those planned purchases. Keep in mind many Gen Zers are still high school and college students, which influences their spending plans. The oldest are starting their careers and families and considering the purchase of major “adult” products, such as homes and vehicles.

Collectively, these six planned purchases by Gen Zers show an even stronger affinity with radio listening, especially buying or leasing any type of vehicle, new or used, and purchasing a major home appliance during the next 12 months.

Forging strong connections with Gen Zers early in their young adult lives is a sound strategy for advertisers and retailers not only to sell them products and services today, but also to establish long-term relationships for maximum customer retention and loyalty.

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