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RAB: Radio Delivers Listeners To Home Improvement Retailers.

A study conducted by the Radio Advertising Bureau and AnalyticOwl (and citing other sources) shows adults spending more time doing home improvement projects since the COVID-19 outbreak are more likely to be reached by radio, where advertising increased both web and foot traffic for home improvement retailers and services.

Pandemic stay-at-home orders in 2020 made 34% of adults more likely to undertake home improvement projects and 78% to sharpen their home improvement skills, according to results reported by the study. While 76% of homeowners did such a project in 2020, 78% plan on doing one in the next 12 months, with a greater emphasis on more advanced projects – such as patio or deck installation, or bathroom or kitchen renovations – coming at a greater cost.

Here’s where radio gets into the act. According to MRI-Simmons data, radio reaches 90% of adults 18+ who have done any home improvement in the past year. Among adults who did some home improvement in 2020, 74% are radio listeners.

Based on NumericOwl’s data analysis of over 143,000 radio ads for home improvement retailers and services – several of which, including The Home Depot and Lowe’s, are consistently among the medium’s top advertisers – radio increased their web traffic activity by 9%. In addition, every radio ad aired generated 2.4 new visits, for a total of more than 8.2 million.

Radio spots in the home improvement category also increased foot traffic to hardware or home repair stores by 44%. Locations saw an average increase of five new visits on days when radio ads were aired.

RAB’s study also suggests the most effective days and times for advertising home improvement retailers or services on radio.

AnalyticOwl’s analysis shows web activity at its highest on Tuesday and Wednesday, possibly in preparation for the work and shopping to be done on weekends. For foot traffic, Tuesday is also highest, while the highest percent of new traffic is on weekend days, Sunday followed by Saturday. Home improvement ads generating the highest new visitors per airing ran in middays (10am-3pm), followed by afternoons (3-7pm) and mornings.

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