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Q2 Review: Comedy And News Podcasts Got The Most Ads.

Comedy and News tied for pulling in the biggest volume of podcast ad detections during the second quarter. The podcast analytics company Magellan AI analyzed how advertising was bought at placed on the top 400 podcasts during second quarter and found one in five ads ran on a Comedy podcast. The same share was captured by News podcasts. The review, released by Westwood One which last month tightened its alliance with Magellan, showed that three-quarter of all podcast ads during the second quarter ran in the top five categories, a list that also includes True Crime, Society & Culture, and Sports.

Brand advertising is becoming a biggest revenue source for podcasters. Magellan said 38% of second quarter ads were brand ads, its highest share yet. At the same time direct response ad’s share fell to 54%, a new low. Magellan said there was a 46% growth for brand advertising during the past year. 

That could have implications for which genres come out on top in the future. During the second quarter TV & Film podcasts had the higher proportion of brand advertising with 57% of all ads running on shows in that genre classified as brand adds. Podcasts in the Technology, History and Science also got a slight majority of their ads from brand marketers and not direct response ads.

Comedy – which was tops overall among ad buyers – ranked last among brand advertisers. Magellan said less than a quarter of Comedy ads resulting from brand marketer’s buys. The high-end News podcast wasn’t much better with only a third of ads for shows in that category coming from brands. The rest was from direct response advertising. 

During the past year the analysis found that True Crime and History genres had the biggest increase in brand ads, each growing their share by a third. At the same time Comedy and News podcasts’ brand ad share grew by single digits. And even as the share of brand ads increased overall, in the Business and Kids & Family category, it decreased. 

The top brand advertisers during second quarter were Spotify, GEICO, Best Friends, State Farm, Policygenius, IBM, Capital One, the Association of Mature American Citizens, and Progressive. 

Download the full report HERE.

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