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Publishers May Be Missing Out On Mid-Roll Revenue. Triton Sees Automation As A Fix.

Triton Digital is bringing some automation to ad marketers with a tool that allows publishers to decide where they want an ad placed in a podcast episode. It has created an automated ad placement system that gives audio publishers the ability to set rules that specify the minimum number of ad markers and ads per marker for an audio clip, based on how long an episode runs.

Triton says the move toward automation is an effort to address the problem of publishers not placing enough mid-roll markers before releasing an episode, which could result in less revenue than a show ought to receive.

“We’ve seen that not placing ample mid-roll markers ahead of publishing is a common frustration faced by many executives with busy production staff,” said Sharon Taylor, Managing Director at Triton Digital. “Since ad markers are critical for determining ad revenue, the new Ad Marker Rules system gives publishers the power to maximize their revenue by automating these ad marker functions, without disrupting existing workflows.”

Soft-launched in the fall, Triton’s Ad Marker Rules system is now being rolled out widely. It allows publishers to create and automate duration-based rules to ensure that the desired amount of ad markers are always placed in radio shows and podcast episodes before publishing. With this system, if a clip meets a pre-set rule, the pre- and post-roll ad markers will automatically be added. In instances where ads need to be manually placed, such as mid-roll ad markers, the Ad Marker Rules system will automatically remind publishers to place the recommended mid-roll ad markers based on the length of the clip.

For networks or publishers of multiple shows, Triton says Ad Marker Rules follow the same settings inheritance hierarchy as the Triton Delivery Ad Platform. That means that users can apply the same settings to all programs within a network, or optionally override the setting for a single program, directly in the platform.

The system will now be available to all customers using the Omny Studio Campaign Manager (OCM) or the Triton Advertising Platform (TAP). Read more about the feature HERE.

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