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Podcasts Emerge As Prime Media To Reach Business Owners And Executives, Survey Finds.

Business decision-makers, including owners and executives, are frequent podcast listeners, according to a new survey by the podcast production agency Lower Street and the content and ad tech company Content FX. Their survey of 511 decision-makers in the U.S. and U.K. found 41% listen to podcasts daily, but the figure is even higher among executives.

The data shows 55% of business owners and founders listen to podcasts on a daily basis, and 51% of executives and people in leadership roles do the same.

In a report on the findings, Lower Street says the results show podcasts are a good way for marketers to reach high-level business leaders. “Podcasts have become the perfect medium to connect with decision-makers because they consistently deliver engaging content. Unlike other forms of communication, podcasts allow for deep discussions and conversations,” it says.

The data shows roughly six in ten also said that podcasts helped them become better informed on brand opinions, actions, and recommendations. Among those surveyed, more than a third (36%) said they mostly listen to podcasts to learn new things. That is more than double the 15% who said they turned to a podcast to be entertained.

Among those surveyed, Lower Street says four in ten business owners and executives claim to “always listen to ads/sponsorship.” Those in executive and leadership roles are most likely to listen to that content, but overall, nearly six in ten respondents said they have a greater likelihood to buy products or brands mentioned in podcasts – with an even higher 70% among executives.

Lower Street says its research also shows that podcast likeability significantly influences brand awareness and favorability—a preferred podcast generates three-times more brand awareness and two-times more brand favorability.

It also found that the amount of branding matters.

“Incorporating more brand mentions were found to enhance sponsorship noticing,” the report says. “Those podcasts with more branding were similarly found to perform better in terms of statements related to brand opinions, actions, and recommendations. However, it’s important to note that higher brand mentions did not seem to impact podcast likeability.”

Going forward, Lower Street says that podcasts remain an “untapped marketing channel” as it notes that 43% of U.S. business decision-makers primarily source their information from podcasts.

Download the full report HERE.

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