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Podcast ‘About The Heart’ Brings Together The BBC, American Public Media and iHeart.

Three podcasters, including two public radio companies and a commercial broadcaster, are joining forces to uncover the secrets of the human mind and heart. Deeply Human is a new podcast jointly produced by the BBC World Service and American Public Media with iHeartMedia onboard for distribution. Hosted by writer and musician Dessa, the series strives to answer questions about the inner self.

Deeply Human aims to use conversations with scientists, researchers and everyday people to explain human behavior and will uncover the secrets of the human mind and heart. The first episode is all about finding love, and spans everything from Dating Apps to brain scans.

“On this show, I engage with brilliant people across all sorts of disciplines, traipsing around the dimly-lit subbasement of human nature –the parts not listed on the guided tour,” said Dessa. “People are endlessly fascinating – our accents, our ticks, the way we style our hair and spend our money. And the perspectives I've gained on this show help me understand them just a little bit better.”

Dessa has personal experience exploring the depths of the human mind. In 2018, she turned to neuroscience to help overcome her heartbreak over a past relationship. In a unique neurofeedback experiment, she was hooked up to electrodes and retrained her brain to strengthen her emotional resilience when seeing pictures of her ex. The experience was featured in her acclaimed memoir “My Own Devices” and inspired her 2018 album, “Chime.”

Deeply Human is slated to debut March 8 and will be distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network.

It is the first time the BBC World Service, American Public Media and iHeartMedia have worked together to produce and distribute a podcast. Steve Titherington, Senior Commissioning Editor at the BBC World Service, called it an exciting collaboration and credited Dessa and the team for creating a “complex, engaging and frankly startling” series.

Will Pearson, COO of the iHeartPodcast Network, echoed that. “Partnering with two of the world’s best storytelling organizations to bring such a fascinating podcast to fruition has been an incredible experience,” he said.

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