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Plink Integrates With iHeartRadio.

iHeartMedia says it is integrating with the podcast linking service Plink to create universal smart links for all its shows. Those smart links can be used to share an episode on social media which, when clicked, auto open whatever podcast app is installed on the user’s smartphone or smart watch. Each smart link also has a show page that desktop users will see with links to that episode. Show pages have app deep links to major podcast listening apps, including iHeartRadio.

“With this integration, iHeartRadio listeners and creators can confidently share podcast links on any social platform, in posts, emails, bios and websites—and know the recipients will get a smart link that auto-opens in the right place. No longer will podcast fans need to worry about app compatibility or broken device links,” said iHeart in the announcement.

The company also said there is an advantage for podcasters who will have to spend less time collecting links for their shows. Instead, one single link can send every listener to the right place, no matter their device or preferences, said iHeart.

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