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Over 46,000 Spots Served: Wendy’s Leaves McDonald’s In The Dust.

Three weeks after climbing 8-2 on radio’s weekly spot count chart for its highest position since Inside Radio began tracking Media Monitors data in 2015, Wendy’s has served up another record week. The restaurant chain zips 5-1 to reach the chart apex for the first time ever. It took 46,855 spot airings to dethrone language learning app Babbel from the top spot, eclipsing it with a mere 630-spot lead. And while Wendy’s takes the lead, it aired 6,000 fewer spots than when it ranked second for the week of July 10-16 with 52,853 spots, nearly doubling its weight in one week.

In the battle for fast food supremacy, Wendy’s has left McDonald’s in the dust. The home of the Golden Arches aired less than half as many commercials – 18,681 to be exact – to rank at No. 23. That is one notch ahead of DQ Dairy Queen (No. 24 with 18,301). Chick-fil-A ran 12,828 to rank No. 43, followed by Dunkin (No. 58, 10,465 airings).

After Wendy’s parachuting to No. 1, the rest of the top five remain the usual suspects with the exception of Staples-Staples Connect, which moves up 6-5, thanks to 31,124 spot occurrences as the retailer targets the back to school and back to college crowds. It is Staples’ highest position on the Media Monitors spot count tally since the week of June 21-27, 2021.

Of note, Swiffer, Procter & Gamble’s home cleaning products line, jumps 12-8 to return to the top 10 while O’Reilly Auto Parts lurches 16-9 with 25,661 airings.

Colgate Palmolive Co. first began advertising its signature soap brand Irish Spring in mid-June with 18,840 spots. It slowly increased that number to join radio’s top 20 advertisers in July. Now the consumer packaged goods giant lands just outside the top 10 as Irish Spring lathers its way up the list to No. 11 with 24,792 spot detections.

For the week of July 31- Aug. 6, 2023, the top ten on the Media Monitors tally are Wendy’s at 1, Babbel at 2, ZipRecruiter at 3, Upside at 4, Staples-Staples Connect at 5, Grainger at 6, Discover at 7, Swiffer at 8, O’Reilly Auto Parts at 9 and Indeed at 10.

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