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Old Movies Meet New Media: TCM’s ‘The Plot Thickens’ Returns With Pam Grier-Focused Season.

Turner Classic Movies may focus on the old on-screen, but it is looking to reach new listeners with the modern-day platform of podcasting. That means its series The Plot Thickens is returning for a fourth season later this month. Titled “Here Comes Pam,” the season will dive into the life and work of actress Pam Grier.

Host Ben Mankiewicz sat down for more than 20 hours of interviews with Grier, and the season will feature new interviews with her colleagues, friends, and family including Quentin Tarantino, Gloria Steinem, Philip Bailey, and Michael Schultz, among others. The series will touch on issues such as race in Hollywood and in America, and about how real life is a lot messier than the movies.

“Ben and I talked for hours and hours about my life and career, and I was surprised about the things that made me emotional and made me laugh all these years later,” said Grier. “It was tough to re-live some of those harder moments, but it was all worth it when I remember John Lennon getting me thrown out of a bar when I was 25.”

In conjunction with the launch of season four of The Plot Thickens on Oct. 25, Grier will appear on Turner Classic Films on Oct. 19 and 26 to introduce some of her iconic films including Coffy (1971) and Foxy Brown (1974).

Turner Classic Movies launched The Plot Thickens as its official podcast in May 2020 and it has had more than six million downloads to date. Season one focused on the life and work of Oscar-nominated director, writer, and actor Peter Bogdanovich. Season two launched in June 2021 and chronicled the tumultuous production of the 1990 film “The Bonfire of the Vanities.” And season three debuted in October 2021 uncovering fresh insights into the life and times of the iconic Lucille Ball.

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