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Office Radio Listening Trended Higher During Second Quarter In CDM Markets.

While at-work's share of total radio listening in Radio Research Consortium's just-released analysis of Nielsen's combined 44 Continuous Diary Measurement markets has yet to return to pre-COVID levels, it did gain half a point in the June 2022 report (covering Apr-Jun). From both December 2021 (covering Oct-Dec) and March 2022 (Jan-Mar), it moved to a 16.7% share, still one full share point below March 2020's (Jan-Mar) 17.7%.

RRC's report also shows both in-car and at-home listening down slightly from March, with car downtrending for a second straight quarter, off by 1.2 share points since December. While car's 43.6% share in December 2021 had passed March 2020's 43.3%, the declines knock it down to 42.4% for June.

Home listening, meanwhile, continues to consistently outdraw its pre-pandemic 36.8% share, with now a full year in the 38.5%-38.9% range.

Both average quarter-hour persons using radio and cume persons show gains from March, with the former up 2.3% and the latter 0.1%. Compared to pre-pandemic, AQH retains 96.8%, and cume 99.5%, of its March 2020 level.

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