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October PPMs Deliver Record High Shares In Orlando, Salt Lake City, and Portland.

Salt Lake City’s KNRS and KUER and WOCL Orlando post their highest shares in station history, while KGON Portland sees its best AQH since summer 1994. KNRS is also No. 1 for the first time ever, while Portland and Charlotte also see a change at the top of the rankers.

iHeartMedia AC KKCW reclaims the top ranker in Portland, OR, moving 7.4-7.8-8.4, swapping positions with Oregon Public Radio KOPB-AM/FM (8.4-8.4-7.6). Third place in the market goes to Alpha Media news/talk KXL-FM (5.9-6.0-7.0). Entercom classic rock KGON posts its largest share since summer 1994, according to ratings historian Chris Huff, as the station picks up more than a share and takes fourth (5.2-5.5-6.6).

In Charlotte, iHeartMedia classic rock WRFX (7.9-6.6-7.9) is back on top, bumping Beasley Media Group country WSOC-FM (7.8-7.4-7.3) to second. Entercom news/talk WBT-AM/FM is up a rank to third (5.9-6.0-6.9).

Holding onto first in San Antonio is Cox Media Group classic hits KONO-FM, adding nearly two shares month-over-month to move 5.9- iHeartMedia news/talk WOAI (6.0-6.1-6.3) remains in second, followed by Cox Media Group country KCYY (5.5-5.2-5.6).

iHeartMedia news/talk KFBK-AM/FM is first again in Sacramento, trending up 8.0-8.1-8.5. Bonneville country KNCI (7.3-7.7-7.5) moves from third to second, swapping spots with Entercom classic rock KSEG (9.8-7.9-7.2).

The Salt Lake City market is top-heavy with news/talkers as iHeartMedia’s KNRS-AM/FM (6.1-7.3-7.6) adds a half-share, and is the top ranked station for the first time ever, Huff says, while posting its largest share in station history. Bonneville’s KSL-AM/FM, which is up nearly a share-and-a-half (5.1-6.1-7.4), takes second, followed by soft AC sister KSFI (6.3-5.9-6.9), which moves from sixth to third. University of Utah news/talk KUER-FM also posts its highest share in station history, moving 2.3-4.4-4.8.

It’s like déjà vu all over again in Pittsburgh as iHeartMedia rock WDVE (10.4-1.3-10.6); classic hits cluster-mate WWSW-FM (9.4-9.0-9.5); and Steel City Media adult hits WRRK (6.3-7.7-6.8) remain the top three-ranked stations in the market. As previously reported by Inside Radio, the sports format had the largest share gain in the October 2020 PPMs. Entercom sports KDKA-FM is a shining example of the growth, rising 3.6-4.9-5.3 to remain in fourth.

Entercom classic hits WOCL Orlando is another station posting its largest share in station history as it moves 10.0-9.4-11.1 and remains in first. iHeartMedia AC WMGF tacks on more than a share (7.0-6.5-7.7) and rises from fourth to second. Cox Media Group classic hits WMMO (6.0-6.9-7.0) remains in third.

Beasley Media Group classic hits KKLZ (6.0-6.1-7.3) claims first place in Las Vegas, trading positions with iHeartMedia AC KSNE-FM (8.4-7.3-6.8). Entercom hot AC KMXB (4.0-4.4-4.7) rises from fourth to third.

Nielsen’s October 2020 PPM survey covers the period from Sept. 10-Oct. 7. All shares quoted are Persons 6+, Mon-Sun 6am-Mid.

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