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NPR Sunsets NPR One App With Launch Of Consolidated Mobile Platform.

NPR has officially rolled out its new updated app, which brings together popular features from its previous mobile apps – NPR One and the previous NPR app – to offer users news updates, stories, interviews, podcasts, live radio, and headlines in one place.

The app, which is available for both iOS and Android users, officially sunsets the NPR One app.

"This app is a monumental achievement for public radio. It gives our audience unprecedented access to the best content from public radio all in one place,” NPR One Deputy Director Emily Barocas said in a release. “It is where we will build meaningful relationships with our most loyal audiences and welcome new digital audiences into the public radio community."

The NPR app first launched in April 2008 and provided news of the hour, with headlines and breaking news, access to enterprise reporting, science, entertainment, music, storytelling, and cultural programming, live streams from Member stations, and the most popular nationally and locally-produced podcasts. The former NPR One app was launched in 2014 to blend NPR and Member station news reporting into a localized, on-demand experience.

The new app features the NPR One flow, a continuous stream of curated local and national news, culture and podcasts personalized to the user's interests; Curated collections of stories and podcasts on the big storylines of the day; op headlines from the NPR newsroom; live radio from the user's local station; a library of podcasts, with editor-picked recommendations from across public radio; and access to NPR's flagship news shows – “Morning Edition,” “All Things Considered,” “Weekend Edition” and “Here & Now.”

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