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Nominees Announced For 2023 iHeartPodcast Awards; Four Women Win Icon Awards.

Ten shows will compete for the best podcast honor as the iHeartPodcast Awards return. The podcast publisher today released the list of nominees across 29 categories for the March show. The list includes a new award category: Best Overall Ensemble.

The nominees for top honor – Podcast of the Year – include Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Crime Junkie, Fly On The Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade, Las Culturistas, Love and Noraebang, Maintenance Phase, Morbid, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Scam Goddess and SmartLess. The winner will once again be chosen by podcast listeners who can vote on Twitter through the end of the year.

Some winners are already known as iHeart has also announced that the annual Icon Awards – which pay tribute to the creators, organizations and podcasts that have made groundbreaking contributions to podcasting’s expanding role in today’s popular culture – are going to four women.

Kara Swisher, acclaimed tech journalist, editor and host of Vox Media’s On with Kara Swisher and co-host of Pivotwith Scott Galloway, will be honored with the 2023 Pioneer Award.

Dr. Laurie Santos, host of Pushkin’s The Happiness Lab podcast and creator of the free “Psychology and the Good Life” curriculum for high school teachers which teaches students about wiser choices and how to live a happy and fulfilling life, and Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, host of the iHeart-produced mental health podcast Therapy for Black Girls, whose work focuses on making mental health topics more relevant and accessible for Black women, will both be honored with a 2023 Social Impact Award.

Ashley Flowers, founder and CEO of the podcast production company Audiochuck, and co-host of the Crime Junkie podcast, will be honored with the 2023 Innovator Award.

“We continue to see tremendous growth in the podcast industry, as this medium explodes with new creators and brand interest alike,” said Conal Byrne, CEO of iHeartMedia’s Digital Audio Group. “To celebrate the most noteworthy, innovative storytellers in podcasting, we are proud to host the signature event to honor this creativity and empower new and emerging voices around the world,” he said in the announcement.

The 2023 iHeartPodcast Awards will video stream on Tuesday, March 14 at 9 pm ET on iHeartRadio’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page, as well as broadcast on select iHeartMedia radio stations across the country. The show will also be available on demand following the initial stream.

The full 2023 category nominees (in alphabetical order) are:

Podcast Of The Year

  • Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend

  • Crime Junkie

  • Fly On The Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade

  • Las Culturistas

  • Love and Noraebang

  • Maintenance Phase

  • Morbid

  • On Purpose with Jay Shetty

  • Scam Goddess

  • SmartLess

Best Overall Ensemble:

  • Best Friends with Nicole Byer & Sasheer Zamata

  • Conan O'Brian Needs a Friend

  • Just Between Us

  • Let's Make a Sci-Fi!

  • SmartLess

Best Business & Finance Podcast:

  • Earn Your Leisure

  • How I Built This

  • Odd Lots

  • Planet Money

  • The Indicator

Best Comedy Podcast:

  • Distractible

  • Las Culturistas

  • SmartLess

  • The Read

  • Why Won't You Date Me

Best Crime Podcast:

  • Believe Her

  • Crime Junkie

  • Morbid

  • Scam Goddess

  • Sympathy Pains

Best Pop Culture Podcast:

  • Decoder Ring

  • Keep It

  • The Video Archives with Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avery

  • Vibe Check

  • Watch What Crappens

Best Food Podcast:

  • Naked Lunch

  • Proof

  • Recipe Club

  • The Dave Chang Show

  • The Sporkful

Best Wellness & Fitness Podcast:

  • Huberman Lab

  • HypochondriActor

  • Maintenance Phase

  • Ten Percent Happier

  • Therapy For Black Girls

Best History Podcast:

  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

  • History Daily

  • Noble Blood

  • You Must Remember This

  • You're Wrong About

Best Kids & Family Podcast:

  • Brains On!

  • Good Inside with Dr. Becky

  • Greeking Out from National Geographic Kids

  • Story Pirates

  • Wow In The World

Best Music Podcast:

  • Broken Record

  • Drink Champs

  • Listening

  • Questlove Supreme

  • Song Exploder

Best News Podcast:

  • Morning Wire

  • Pod Save America

  • The Daily

  • Today Explained

  • Up First

Best Fiction Podcast:

  • Blood Thirsty Hearts

  • Echo Park

  • Love and Noraebang

  • Princess of South Beach

  • Welcome To Night Vale

Best Sports Podcast:

  • All The Smoke

  • The Bill Simmons Podcast

  • The Draymond Green Show

  • The Fantasy Footballers

  • The Lowe Post

Best Science Podcast:

  • Huberman Lab

  • Invisibilia

  • Ologies with Alie Ward

  • Radiolab

  • Science Vs

Best Technology Podcast:

  • 20000 Hertz

  • Darknet Diaries

  • On With Kara Swisher

  • Pivot

  • Reply All

Best Ad Read Podcast:

  • Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend

  • My Brother, My Brother, and Me

  • Office Ladies

  • Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

  • Why Won't You Date Me with Nicole Byer

Best Overall Host:

  • Ashley Flowers

  • Jay Shetty

  • Kara Swisher

  • Nicole Byer

  • Sarah Marshall

Best Political Podcast:

  • Here's Where It Gets Interesting

  • NPR Politics Podcast

  • Pod Save America

  • The Ben Shapiro Show

  • The Daily Zeitgeist

Best TV & Film Podcast:

  • Fake Doctors, Real Friends

  • Films to be Buried With

  • How Did This Get Made?

  • Into It

  • Watch What Crappens

Best Spanish Language Podcast:

  • Ciudad Mágica

  • Crónicas Obscuras

  • Escuela Secreta

  • Idolo

  • Leyendas Legendarias

Best Advice & Inspirational Podcast:

  • Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People

  • Chiquis and Chill

  • I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

  • On Purpose with Jay Shetty

  • We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle

Best Beauty & Fashion Podcast:

  • Add to Cart

  • Forever35

  • Natch Beaut

  • POOG

  • Pretty Basic

Best Travel Podcast:

  • Atlas Obscura

  • Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller

  • Not Lost

  • Travel with Rick Steves

  • Women Who Travel

Best Green Podcast:

  • Climate of Change with Cate Blanchett and Danny Kennedy

  • Climate One

  • Hot Take

  • Living on Earth

  • TED Climate

Best Spirituality & Religion Podcast:

  • Awakened Underground

  • Heart Wisdom with Jack Kornfield

  • May I Elaborate? Daily Wisdom from JB Smoove

  • On Being

  • The Joel Osteen Podcast

Best Branded Podcast:

  • Force Multiplier

  • Hazlo Por La Chela

  • Inside Trader Joes

  • Now What's Next?

  • Smart Talks with IBM

Best Emerging Podcast:

  • MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories

  • Significant Others

  • Sounds Like A Cult

  • The Video Archives Podcast

  • TV, I Say with Ashley Ray

Best International Podcast:

  • British Villains (UK)

  • El Viaje (Mexico)

  • Feu de Camp (France)

  • La Mia Smemo (Italy)

  • RedHanded (UK)

Executive producers for the 2023 iHeartPodcast Awards are John Sykes, Tom Poleman, Conal Byrne and Bart Peters for iHeartMedia, and Deviants Media Studio founder Ivan Dudynsky and show runner Jayson Belt.

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