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SmartRadio App Allows Listeners To Bet On Games – While Listening To Play-By-Play.

Sports fans will be able to place bets by voice commands while driving and listening to radio play-by-play broadcasts under a new product announced and demoed at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. SmartRadio is a joint venture among connected vehicle technology platform ConnectedTravel, Radioline—a global radio and podcast solutions developer—and sports betting tech provider Simplebet.

The product is currently in consumer testing and will be available to more sports fans this fall.

The companies say they developed an alternative to the traditional AM/FM broadcast radio experience, enabling drivers and passengers to instantly engage with what they hear. SmartRadio works with Google’s Android Automotive system and enables drivers and passengers to transact with radio programming in real-time, including gamifying programming and making advertising shoppable.

The product’s first consumer experiences will be free-to-play and real-money sports betting, leveraging Simplebet’s automated operations platform, which enable sports fans to interact with NFL, MLB, NBA, college football and basketball games.

For example, during a baseball broadcast, drivers and passengers would be able to bet on each at bat or pitch in a game, earn points for each correct bet, accumulate prizes for winning streaks, and a grand prize for earning enough points. Points can then be redeemed for goods and services via the player’s mobile phone in local shops or online retailers.

“The integration of emerging technologies like Voice, Payments and eCommerce in vehicles, unlocks drive time, empowering drivers to instantly and safely interact with audio programming. Drivers can play with and buy what they hear, and engage at the moments they are most inspired. Making radio transactable will inspire a new generation of innovative in-vehicle infotainment, and measurably open the $40 billion global broadcast radio marketplace for growth,” said Bryan Biniak, CEO of ConnectedTravel.

SmartRadio is being integrated into Radioline’s Android Automotive, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay applications. Radioline supports more than 110,000 radio streams and podcasts from 164 countries, in 18 different languages.

Xavier Filliol, COO of Radioline, said the SmartRadio-enabled application will be available for the 100 million Android Automotive vehicles being produced by General Motors, Ford, Stellantis, Honda, Nissan and Volvo, “giving users the opportunity to gamify sportscasts and enabling sports fans around the world to participate in their games with friends and families on road trips and everyday commutes.”

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