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Nielsen CDM Data Shows At-Work’s Share Of Listening Approaching Pre-Pandemic Level.

At-work’s share of total radio listening continues its steady rebound since last June, when it dropped below 15%, according to the Radio Research Consortium’s analysis of monthly AQH data in Nielsen Audio’s 44 Continuous Diary Measurement (CDM) markets.

Listening levels for January 2021 in CDM markets show at-work listening with a 16.8% share, representing a seventh consecutive month where numbers increased or stayed flat, going back to June 2020. Last year began with at-work listening at 17.6% during Q1, which once the COVID-19 pandemic began fell to June’s low of 14.9%.

As more people returned to offices and other work sites, at-work listening’s share bounced back up to 16% during the summer months of 2020, after which it has continued to inch closer to the 17% levels registered before the pandemic.

In-car and at-home shares of radio listening, meanwhile, have remained fairly consistent since August 2020, although in-car listening has yet to return to its dominant pre-pandemic levels. In-car listening began 2020 significantly ahead of at-home, with a 44% share compared to at-home’s 36%. By June 2020 the two had flip-flopped, with in-car down to 33% and at-home rising to 50% of listening.

Since summer, share of listening for in-car and at-home have gradually returned to what they were before COVID, although at-home has retained a slight edge over in-car, with a 42% compared to in-car’s 39%, based on the January 2021 Nielsen data.

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