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News/Talkers Continue To Shine In Final Month Of 2020.

While the sounds of the season were serenading the nation’s capital, the news of the day never ceased. DC’s news leaders held steady against iHeartMedia’s WASH-FM and its all-Christmas mix as American University news/talk WAMU (8.2-9.5-8.3) swaps positions with Hubbard all-news WTOP-FM (9.3-9.7-8.1) to take second and third place, respectively.

As Entercom AC WMJX continued its all-Christmas ride to the top of the Boston rankers, steadily rising through the holiday music-influenced December 2020 PPMs to its first place ranking in the Holiday 2020 PPM survey period, iHeartMedia news/talk WBZ moved from fourth to second (7.0-6.8-6.5). Classic rock brethren WZLX remains in third, (6.9-7.1-6.4), while Beasley Media Group classic hits WROR shed nearly two shares month-over-month (6.9-7.5-5.6) and drops from first to fourth.

While its commonplace for Cox Media Group soft AC WFEZ (7.5-7.1-8.1) to sit atop the Miami market, the station enjoys new company as Entercom AC WLYF and its all-Christmas music rises to second (6.3-5.2-8.0), followed by Cox Media Group adult R&B WHQT (6.9-6.6-7.1), which moves from second to third. Univision Spanish hits WAMR-FM drops a rank to take fourth (5.0-5.5-5.6).

A surge from Hubbard AC Christmas bastion KRWM (3.7-3.4-6.0) was not enough to displace the top two rankers in Seattle: Bonneville news/talk KIRO-FM (6.6-7.2-7.2) and Northwest Public Radio news/talk KUOW-FM (6.9-6.9-6.4).

iHeartMedia adult R&B WMXD Detroit held its own from a Christmas music-influenced December 2020 PPM survey to the Holiday book, remaining second in the market while flat month-over-month (5.9-6.1-6.1). Beasley Media Group rock WRIF (5.4-5.1-4.9) is third, with both stations trailing iHeartMedia’s all-Christmas WNIC, which remains in first.

Entravision regional Mexican KLNZ holds onto second in Phoenix (2.5-6.9-6.0), trailing iHeartMedia AC KESZ and its sounds of the season that has the station just shy of posting a 17 share in Phoenix (see related story HERE). iHeartMedia country cousin KNIX-FM is up a rank to third (6.1-5.6-5.0).

iHeartMedia classic hits KQQL flipped the switch to all-Christmas in early November and the dividends paid off as the station takes first in the Minneapolis market with an 11.5 share. Sliding from first to second is Minnesota Public Radio news/talk KNOW-FM (7.8-9.0-8.3), followed by iHeartMedia sports KFXN-FM (7.6-7.4-7.8).

San Diego State University KPBS-FM drops from first to second (7.3-6.6-5.9), trailing Entercom AC/all-Christmas KYXY, which posts a 9.4 in the Holiday 2020 PPMs. Entercom classic hits KXSN drops to third (6.3-6.4-5.7).

The Nielsen Holiday 2020 PPM survey covers the period from Dec. 3-Jan. 6. All shares quoted are Persons 6+, Mon-Sun 6am-Mid.

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