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New Wellness Podcast Looks To Get The Conversation Rolling On Mental Health.

There is little doubt 2020 has been a stressful year, but could a podcast help? The mental wellness brand Sidekick has launched a podcast featuring what it says will be “raw, honest” conversations with guests to encourage conversations about mental health. The Sidekick Stories podcast is the creation of company creators James Shrager and Matt Halstead, and their podcast producer Michael Hurcum. 

“Our goal with this podcast is to have an open, honest conversation about mental health and wellbeing, which hopefully gives people some insight into what tools and techniques are available to help people,” said Sharager. “So far on the show we’ve discussed a broad range of topics including depression, anxiety, self-harm, psychosis, identity, postnatal depression, grief and divorce. We really want to normalize and encourage conversations about mental health and wellbeing, and ultimately help listeners realize that the way they might be feeling is absolutely normal and lots of others experience it.”

As the show has been created during COVID-19, all episodes have been recorded remotely featuring a range of guests from all walks of life, as well as trained mental health professionals, sharing their story and advice.

“Sidekick was in development for over two years, but recognizing the mental strain being placed on us all due to COVID-19, we decided to launch it sooner rather than later to support as many people as possible in such frightening times,” said Halstead. “We believe that a combination of personalized wellbeing exercises, tailored to our own situations, can help us manage our mental health better through this period, and beyond.”

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