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New Unique Creative On Radio Increased 44.6% In April, Says Media Monitors.

Driven by an infusion of new ad campaigns for podcasts, live events, employment recruitment and other categories, the number of new unique creative on radio increased 44.6% in April. New rankings of the top new unique creative and advertisers released Wednesday by Media Monitors show there were with 20,933 more instances of new ad creative last month than in April 2020.

The trend continued through the first week of May, with an increase of 2,710 new unique creative over the same period in 2020.

VAX LIVE, a benefit concert staged by advocacy organization Global Citizen, and VELO, a tobacco-free nicotine product from Reynolds, were the top two new advertisers with 34,565 and 18,692 ad occurrences on radio, respectively. Other accounts new to the airwaves in April were Angi, the home services website formerly known as Angie’s List (10,825), Procter & Gamble nutritional supplement Nervive (9,234) and online fitness service Beachbody on Demand (8,528).

Meanwhile, the top new creative category on radio was podcasting, as podcast publishers iHeart Podcast Network, Audacy’s Cadence13, Recount Media and others flooded the airwaves with tens of thousands of promos and ads for new shows. With Americans eager to attend in-person events as the warmer weather arrives and many businesses looking to fill open positions, live theater advertising was the No. 2 category, followed by employment recruitment spots. Smoking and tobacco products, business & consumer services, PSAs and amusement and events were among the top 10 categories with new creative on the air in April, per Media Monitors which tracks national advertising in 110 markets.

“Interest in radio is rising, especially as the economy begins to reopen,” Philippe Generali, President and CEO of Media Monitors, said in a press release. “Entertainment providers, event venues and employers have a history of using the medium to reach target audiences. We expect this trend to continue as consumers return to in-person activities.”

On broadcast television and cable, new automobile advertisers led the way, with the Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid at No. 1 and the Kia Carnival holding the No. 2 spot.

In fact, cars and trucks was the No. 1 new creative category on TV and cable, with 56,408 spots, followed by political advertising and the food and beverage category.

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