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New True Crime Podcast Tells The Tale Of A Real-Life Fairytale Gone Horribly Wrong.

Glass Podcasts, a division of the  Glass Entertainment Group, is developing a new true crime podcast. “Betrayal is the ultimate cautionary tale of what could go wrong with blind faith,” says Nancy Glass, Executive Producer of the series and CEO of Glass Entertainment Group.

Described as a real-life fairytale gone horribly wrong, Betrayal is the first-person account of TV producer Jenifer Faison whose picture-perfect marriage completely shatters in the blink of an eye when she suddenly discovers that her college sweetheart-turned-doting husband is not the person she thought he was. After seven years of marriage, Faison came home from work one afternoon to find her house searched and her husband arrested for the continued sexual assault of a student.

The series unravels the case of convicted sexual predator and two-time Kell High School “Teacher of the Year” Spencer Herron, who plead guilty to six counts of sexual assault of a former Cobb, GA student. Presently serving six concurrent sentences, Herron’s crimes began when the sexual assault victim was in high school. Interviewing the now 21-year-old college student who survived numerous sexual assaults at the hands of her husband, Faison attempts to learn about the man she thought she loved.

“Spence was the last person who I ever would have guessed would have taken advantage of a kid, and I think anybody else who knew him would have said the same thing,” said Faison. “Could it be true that this man I loved was a sexual predator? I realized that afternoon that life as I knew it would never be the same. The future that we planned was gone, and that was the last time I had seen him.”

In the podcast, Faison investigates the hidden story behind the story, revealing a dark double life fueled by dozens often sordid and simultaneous affairs with friends, neighbors and strangers, dating back to the week they were married. Throughout the podcast, she also pieces together evidence, including texts, photos and letters from prison. And Faison speaks with friends, family and several of the other women Herron was intimately involved with, some of whom she knew personally. Each woman eerily described the same manner of manipulation and gaslighting Spencer deployed to justify his philandering. Faison even speaks to Spencer himself.

“Jenifer is just like anyone else; she built a life on love, trust and respect, but she had no idea what was concealed beneath the surface of her immaculate marriage. There were never any clues nor any reason to believe her world could come crashing down,” said Glass. “This is the story of a woman living in the aftermath of the worst-possible scenario and her road to healing.”

The first two episodes of Betrayal were released today (April 28) with future episodes set to be released every Thursday. Glass Podcasts has partnered with the iHeartPodcast Network to produce and distribute the series.

Glass Podcast’s Head of Podcast Production and Development, Andrea Gunning, voices Betrayal alongside Faison. The series is Executive Produced by Glass and Faison with Carrie Hartman and Ben Fetterman producing for Glass Podcasts. Glass Podcasts is overseen by Gunning, and Ben Fetterman, who serves as Head of Podcast Strategy and Development.

For iHeart, Ali Perry is Executive Producing the series and Jessica Krainchich is serving as Producer.

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