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New Study Shows Drivers Value In-Car Entertainment, With A Focus On Personalization.

Just-released results of a survey from entertainment tech company Xperi show that two-thirds of adults (67%) say that in-car entertainment is either important or very important, with that percentage up at 84% for respondents age 17-44.

The study, conducted in the UK during late September and early October 2023 among more than 1,000 vehicle owners or lessees age 17 or older, finds that 42% feel that in-vehicle entertainment needs to offer them personalized preferences, the highest quality audio, and easily discoverable content. That is to say, the in-car entertainment experience must go beyond mirroring a smartphone.

Having content curated to their individual preferences or past choices in their ideal in-car entertainment system is important to six in ten participants (59%), moreso for those ages 25-34 (71%) and 35-44 (74%). For 64%, easy access to content on the dashboard, such as podcasts and audio books, is crucial.

“In-car entertainment systems are taking center stage in shaping the modern connected car experience, especially as the journey towards autonomous vehicles continues,” Xperi VP Automotive Sales & Strategy Gereon Joachim says. “The findings underscore the importance of vehicle manufacturers providing an extraordinary in-car infotainment experience that establishes a personalized connection beyond a car purchase.”

Additionally, more than half (58%) feel that having details such as album cover images and biographical information displayed on the dash is important, again higher among 25-34s (70%) and 35-44s (75%). Over one-third of drivers (37%) value high-quality video capabilities when making a vehicle purchase, significantly higher for 25-34s (65%) and 35-44s (61%).

“Each generation is placing more importance on entertainment than the last, demanding that a vehicle transcends mere transportation to also deliver an immersive, tailored, captivating third space,” Joachim says. “To meet consumer demands, vehicles must provide the same personalised, versatile experience we are all used to at home, bringing together curated independent connected radio, audio, games and video in the dash. This shift not only heralds exciting opportunities for monetization, but also opens up endless new markets for car companies.”

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