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New Radio-as-a-Service Tools Targets Media Companies Branching Into Audio.

AI-powered audio tech provider Super Hi-Fi has launched new software that enables media brands to create and manage their own custom-branded radio experiences. Its Radio-as-a-Service (RaaS) offering is targeted for virtually any company with a digital media platform, including automakers, fitness services, game platforms, OEMs, and streaming video services.

According to press materials, RaaS is “a full service solution that takes care of everything necessary to deliver a high quality radio experience, from station design and music programming to custom audio imaging and voice tracking.”

Super Hi-Fi says media companies can use it to create an extension of their existing brand and product offerings. It can be deployed with a variety of business models from subscription bundling to paid add-ons or free ad-supported services.

By way of example, the company recently launched Fubo Radio, a custom branded radio experience with ten channels designed specifically for FuboTV subscribers. “Super Hi-Fi came to us with a clear understanding of our business and how radio could drive new revenue on our platform,” said Sal Merchesano, VP of Content & Business Development at FuboTV. “Fubo Radio is an offering that we’re proud to offer our subscribers, and that is already showing great promise as a tool for driving a greater share of TV time for our business.”

In addition to FuboTV, Los Angeles-based Super Hi-Fi counts iHeartMedia, Sonos and Westwood One among its clients, although each uses its AI audio technology for different things.

Founded in 2018, the company says its latest offering is for media companies aiming to offer a radio like experience. RaaS uses an AI-powered suite of production tools that handle curation, segues, volume leveling and other tasks.

“If a business can imagine a radio experience, Super Hi-Fi can build it,” said John Bolton, Chief Business Officer at Super Hi-Fi. “Radio is one of the most proven and powerful media formats in history, and our new radio-as-a-service offering brings that power to bear in really creative ways that will drive incremental revenue, engagement, and differentiation for our customers.”

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