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New Nielsen Report Ranks Top States And DMAs With Highest Proportion Of AM Listening.

As a follow-up to Nielsen's recently-released report of the 141 local markets where AM radio is listened to by at least 20% of the radio audience, the company has provided broadcasters with even more ammunition in the fight to keep AM in all new vehicles, including urging their elected officials in Washington to support the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act, to ensure the band's place in all cars.

Strengthening the case for AM, Nielsen's just-released report shows the power of AM at the state and local DMA level. The service provides rankings of the top 31 U.S. states with the highest percentage of AM radio listening, and the Designated Market Areas where the proportion of AM/FM radio reach from AM exceeds 25% for a four-week period. Both are based on Nielsen's nationwide Fall 2022 data for persons 12+, Mon.-Sun. 12m-12m, and on all radio stations in the U.S., not just Nielsen subscribers.

Nielsen's ranking of the top states with AM radio listening favors Midwestern states and to a lesser extent West Coast states. The top 10, with percent of AM listening ranging from a high of 52.7% down to 31.3%, are North Dakota, Montana, Illinois, Washington state, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Alaska, Utah, California, and Ohio.

The list of DMAs with the highest proportion of AM listening highlights smaller and rural markets in Midwestern states, with four DMAs in the top 10, from the top two in Nielsen's states ranking, North Dakota and Montana. The top 10, with percent of AM listening ranging from a high of 72.1% down to 44.4%, are: Glendive, MT; Juneau, AK; Buffalo; Milwaukee; Billings, MT; Minot-Bismarck-Dickinson (Williston), ND; Fargo, ND; Chicago; Cincinnati; and Rochester, NY.

In April, Nielsen released data from its Fall 2022 survey showing that 82.3 million Americans listen to AM radio monthly, one in three American AM/FM radio listeners are reached monthly by AM radio, and 57% of the AM radio audience listens to news/talk stations, which are turned to in times of crisis and breaking local news.

View the complete lists of the top 31 states and top DMAs with the highest percentage of AM radio listening HERE.

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