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New Deezer App To Put More Data Into Podcasters’ Hands.

In recent months the 13-year old music streaming app Deezer has increasingly been putting a focus on podcasting, to expanding podcasts into new markets around the world as well as making updates to its platform that make podcast front and center. Its latest move is not directed at listeners but at podcasters themselves. Deezer has launched a new insights and analytics app that will allow podcasters to track how their show is performing on Deezer. Other podcast platforms already offer analytics of course, but what Deezer says makes theirs different is the fact that Analytics By Deezer is a mobile app, making its tool the only one offered by a streaming service specifically designed for mobile, not web-based, use.

“As the world’s love of podcasts continues to grow, we want to share insightful data to help creators and producers gain vital knowledge of their shows,” said Frédéric Antelme, Head of Content at Deezer. “Podcasters can better get to know their audience and refine their advertising plans. We’re excited to launch ‘Analytics by Deezer’ and be the only streaming service to offer podcast insights on a mobile app.” 

The free tool will allow podcasters to access charts, stats and insights on their show’s audience and use that information to shape their content strategy and increase their audience reach. The app will include two tabs. The first is home to analytics such as the number of streams, unique listeners a podcast has as well as the total and peak listening time. Users can also see their best performing episode and the duration of listening time. The other tab focuses on audience metrics. It offers up data on the age and gender of listeners as well as a device breakdown and whether they are listening on mobile (iOS or Android), desktop or web. 

Deezer’s flurry of updates to improve the podcast experience on its app in recent months has included the creation of a “Shows” tab as a direct entry point to podcasts and other spoken-word content. There are also now15 category channels to help users sort through the content by subject topic and a “Collections” section that offers a variety of podcasts categorized by specialty. In terms of functionality, Deezer also created an “In Progress” tool that allows listeners to return to a show and pick up where they left off. And it added a “Latest Episodes” section to help users keep track of the new content released by podcasts they follow.

Deezer says it has 16 million monthly active users in more than 180 countries. It is headquartered in Paris, with offices in Miami, São Paulo, Berlin, London, and Dubai.

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