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Netflix’s Audio-Focused Feature Begins Rolling Out.

The streaming service Netflix that has been built on video content may soon have a bigger reach with an embrace of audio. The streamer’s new Android app includes an audio-only feature for users who want to listen to a show like “Stranger Things” or “Narcos.” The audio feature was found tucked inside the Android app code by XDA Developers which revealed the feature in October. The new version of the app is now live.

Android Police says the new app version rolling out also allows users to select whether they want the Audio Only mode to be always on, available with headphones or external speakers, or off. By allowing the audio-only feature to run in background it not only makes television shows more like podcasts, but developers say it will lower mobile data usage and improve battery life.

Netflix is no stranger to the world of podcasting. Led by Platform Lead Rae Vaotta, Netflix currently produces nine shows including Because I Watched, Call Sheet, and You Can’t Make This Up, which was nominated for the iHeartRadio Podcast Award. To date the podcasts have had 4.2 million downloads according to the company.

“Netflix Podcasts explore the world of Netflix through audio. We go behind the scenes of series and films, dig deeper with your favorite stars, and explore the most exciting projects on the platform,” the company’s website says. “We also develop in-world content and other supplemental audio programs to help fans discover new favorites and learn more about the shows and films they already love.”

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