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Netflix Endorses Podcasting And Says It Plans To Release More Shows.

Netflix is confirming it plans to expand its reach into the podcast business where rivals like Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ are also making moves. “Podcasts are an excellent way for fans to connect with our stories and talent, and our marketing team plans to make more of them,” a Netflix rep told the Los Angeles Times. Netflix declined to offer any specifics about its plans, however.

One potential outlet for podcasts could be what the streamer is calling N-Plus, which according to a survey of customers would be “a future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love and anything related to them.”

Netflix is no stranger to the world of podcasting. The company has racked up millions of downloads as it has released more than two dozen shows to date, including Because I Watched, Call Sheet, and You Can’t Make This Up.

Netflix is currently looking to recruit a Head of Audio/Podcast Programming that will guide the shape the podcasting effort takes, including hiring hosts and producers and working with outside creators.

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