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My Ad Ran Where? Magellan AI Taps Sounder To Help Answer That Question For Marketers.

Brand safety is not just for the placement of ads. Magellan AI has just inked a deal that will help it determine if a campaign that has already run matched with the parameters on where the ads are supposed to run. It is teaming up with Sounder to provide marketers a solution that will verify ads ran in brand-safe and suitable audio content as well as meeting the other objectives laid out in the campaign.

"This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing advertisers with a complete, post-campaign verification solution," said Magellan CEO Cameron Hendrix. "Now, our clients can access brand safety and suitability reporting alongside our industry-leading ad impression and reach verification,” he said in the joint announcement.

Sounder’s platform uses proprietary AI and machine learning models to analyze the content of podcasts, providing publishers with show- and episode-level brand safety and suitability scores, as well as contextual topics. Working with iHeartMedia, which holds a stake in Sounder, the company said in February that that it is now able to take its brand safety tools down to the episode level powered by a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

"The importance of brand safety and suitability cannot be overstated in today's advertising landscape,” said Sounder CEO Kal Amin. “Our partnership with Magellan AI, an industry titan, empowers us to expand our reach and provide brands with the security they need to navigate the digital advertising realm."

According to IAB’s Podcast Advertising Revenue Study, utilizing brand safety solutions has grown from 44% in 2022 to 69% in 2023. And 69% of publishers are now using brand safety solutions while 62% are using brand suitability solutions, including contextual transcript analysis.

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