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More True Crime: A New Launch from ID: Investigation Discovery.

In November 1993, a veteran discovers the body of a woman on a dirt road near Interstate-10 in Mobile, Alabama. She’s nude, drained of blood, and decapitated. But despite the horrific nature of the murder, it garners little sympathy in the press and detectives fail to close the case. Why Can’t We Talk About Amanda’s Mom?, is a new true crime podcast from ID: Investigation Discovery.

The 8-episode series, hosted by former police officer and sex crimes detective Sarah Cailean, tries to find out what really happened to Renée Bergeron. In November 1993, the mutilated corpse of a woman, later identified as Bergeron, was found on a dirt road in Mobile, AL. Over the course of the eight episodes, Cailean revisits Bergeron’s murder by retracing the steps taken by investigators nearly 30 years ago. With support from the Sheriff’s Office to dig into how the case was approached in 1993, Cailean uncovers holes in the original police investigation which leads her to new evidence and surprising suspects. These revelations lead to unexpected new theories. New episodes will be released each Wednesday starting Feb. 22.

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