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‘MindShift’ Explores Schools’ Challenges In Season Seven.

MindShift, a podcast that explores the future of learning in the classroom, tackles the challenges schools are facing coming back to the classroom after two years of pandemic learning. “So much has changed in the last three years that it’s offered us an opportunity to rethink some of the traditional school systems we have in place so that we can better support students and teachers,” Co-Host Ki Sung said in a release.

MindShift’s seventh season, which debuts July 19 with new episodes available every other Tuesday through Sept. 27, has co-hosts Sung and Nimah Gobir using solutions-driven storytelling to tackle relevant issues including supporting teachers from burnout, dealing with angry kids and remote learning.

“We’re also excited to share the research being done on the adolescent brain and why the middle school years can be so critical in a student’s development,” Gobir added.

The seventh season trailer is available here.

The MindShift podcast launched in 2016 to enable teachers, parents and caregivers to discover solutions for raising kids in the modern era. It’s a spinoff of the popular blog and email newsletter of the same name and offers listeners an inside look at how schools are developing solutions to meet students’ needs.

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