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Midweek And Midday Are Key Times For Canadian Podcast Listeners.

A new report from Triton Digital is shedding some light on the podcast listening habits of Canadians in 2023. It shows that among those who listened to a podcast, the top day of the week for listening is Wednesday with peak times between 10am and 12pm ET. For shows that don’t get a download then, they still have hope – Triton says the typical Canadian listener downloads 4.4 episodes each week, on average. And 92% of podcasts were listened to on a mobile device.

Unsurprisingly, the tastes of Canadian listeners look a lot like what people in the U.S. download. True Crime leads the genres so far this year, taking an 18% market share in Canada versus 2022’s top genre being News. Downloads to shows in the News category have also softened in the U.S. this year. To the north, Triton says True Crime, News and Comedy were the most popular Canadian podcast genres in the Top 100 ranker.

Four of the five most listened-to podcasts so far this year in Canada are imports from the U.S, including Dateline NBC, Wondery’s SmartLess, Audiochuck’s Crime Junkie, and Wondery’s My Favorite Murder. The only Canadian-produced show to make the top five is CBC/Radio-Canada’s Front Burner. The Podcast Exchange’s Sexe Oral is the top-ranking French-language show. The top sales network in the Triton Canada Podcast Ranker, in terms of average weekly download volume, is SiriusXM Podcast Network, followed by CBC/Radio-Canada and Wondery.

“As the Canadian podcast scene continues to evolve, we're excited about the chance to highlight valuable insights into Canadian listening habits,” said Triton Senior VP Daryl Battaglia. "Podcasting stands as a captivating and influential medium for storytelling and our debut mid-year trends report underscores our dedication to provide our clients with dependable and trustworthy data on podcast consumption and listener behaviors."

Download Triton Digital’s Canada Mid-Year Podcast Trends Report HERE.

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