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Making Radio’s Case To Holiday Retail Ad Buyers.

It’s beginning to look – and sound – a lot like Christmas, but this year’s holiday shopping season will be anything but normal. Consumers are dealing with record inflation and protracted supply chain issues. Meanwhile, retailers have jump-started the shopping season early to meet consumer demand for deals and to clear out excess inventory. Selling radio into the retail media mix this year means making a convincing case to ad buyers, with the data to back it up.

Katz Radio is out with an infographic chocked full of data points to help bolster radio’s case. Sure, it has the expected charts from Nielsen showing radio’s monthly and weekly reach across key demos. And line graphs showing how peak listening hours line up with peak shopping times. But it also shows how radio reaches, and sometimes over delivers, consumers on key shopping days when America’s normal media habits are disrupted by the holidays.

Drilling down into average Nielsen daily PPM cume trends for persons 18+ shows radio delivered 6% more listeners on the day before Thanksgiving last year (Weds, Nov. 24, 2021) than the calendar average and 7% more on Cyber Monday (Nov. 29). On Black Friday (Nov. 26) and Small Business Saturday (Nov. 27), radio reached more than nine out of ten members of the typical audience on these atypical holiday season days.

Multichannel is the modus operandi this year as consumer plan to use both in-store and online shopping methods this holiday season. According to Forrester Research, seven out of ten consumers use search engines at some point during their decision-making process. A study commissioned by the Radio Advertising Bureau found that radio ads generate an average increase of 29% in search activity across categories.

Moreover, Nielsen studies have shown the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) radio delivers in multiple categories. These numbers bear repeating. Radio delivers a $23 return on every dollar spent on department store advertising, a $16:$1 return for mass merchandisers, $14:$1 for telcos, and $12:$1 for home improvement stores.

“Holiday Shopping By The Numbers” also includes data on consumers planning to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday, cost per thousand impressions for the major media, historical trending of retail sales and how consumers plan to shop this year. Download it HERE.

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