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Limited-Run Podcast For L.A. Radio’s Ellen K. Quickly Morphs Into Full-Fledged Series.

Los Angeles radio host Ellen K is no stranger to podcasting. She produces a short After Show podcast once her AC KOST Los Angeles (103.5) morning show wraps up. This month Ellen K launched a month-long series called Women We Love in honor of Women’s History Month that turned out to be so addictive that she says the podcast won’t stop when the month-long celebration does.

“We’re just going to keep it going forever, because we quickly became addicted to it,” Ellen K. told the Los Angeles Daily News. She said feedback has been positive and once they began making a list of potential guests, the list became so long there was no way to host just four shows.

In episodes released so far, she has interviewed songwriter Dianne Warren, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Doctor Deborah Holder and attorney Dina LaPolt. Each episode lasts 15-minutes or less, which while considered short for a podcast, is more than a L.A. morning radio show can feature.

“These are things you can’t just do in five minutes on the radio, so I’m glad we get to have this time,” Ellen K. told the Daily News, adding, “Jamie Lee Curtis, I could talk to her all day long. We could have had a Jamie Lee Curtis part one, part two and part three just because there is so much there.”

Future guests lined up include singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, Travel Channel host and pilot Kellee Edwards, singer Bonnie Tyler and author Abigail Harrison. Ellen K. told the paper she also wants Women We Love to include regular women guests – pointing to the grandmother of one of her morning show’s staff members as a good example.

Ellen K. – whose real name is Ellen Theo – is a trailblazer herself as few women solo host morning shows on radio and she has been in the KOST driver’s seat since 2015. Earlier she co-hosted alongside Ryan Seacrest and Rick Dees on CHR KIIS-FM.

New episodes of Women We Love will be released Wednesdays.

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