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Katz: Radio A Strong Companion For Heavy TV And Internet Users.

Radio remains at the forefront of overall media consumption with a weekly reach of 91% of American adults (25-54), according to Scarborough Research. The average person spends one hour and 12 minutes with radio a day.

Even with emerging and evolving competition, radio remains strong among heavy TV and internet users. AM/FM radio reaches nine out of 10 adults, regardless of how much additional media they consume. These users are not sacrificing time spent with radio in favor of their heavy use of other media. TV and internet “super fans” listen to a comparable amount of radio to the average 25- to 54-year-old American.

In a Sound Answers blog post, Katz Media reveals that radio reaches 90% of heavy internet users and 93% of heavy TV users weekly. Additionally, heavy internet users spend one hour and 18 minutes with radio each day, while heavy TV users spend one hour and 13 minutes.

Radio is a companion for these “super fans” and does not lose any time spent listening from those who are heavily engaged with TV and the internet.

Additionally, light users of TV — those who consume under 15 minutes of TV a day — and light internet users — those who spend an average of three hours and 16 minutes online a week — would benefit from advertising on radio.

Their light usage of other media means they are unlikely to be meaningfully exposed to ad campaigns on these platforms. However, 91% of light internet users and 89% of light TV viewers are reached by radio every week. Light internet users spend an average of one hour and 15 minutes daily with radio, while light TV users tune in to radio for one hour and nine minutes.

“Radio’s very nature as an ‘everywhere’ medium gives it wide appeal among today’s busy A25-54 consumers,” Katz Media says. “Even among super-users, there are places and situations where TV and internet usage is just not feasible — but radio is. Consumers can easily listen in places, such as the car or at work, during activities where and when other media cannot reach them. Regardless of what other media A25-54 consumers are using, there is still a place in their lives for radio.”

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