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Katz Digital To Serve As Exclusive 3rd-Party Sales Partner For Cumulus Audio Streams.

Katz Digital and Cumulus Media expand their partnership, which will have Katz Digital serving as the exclusive 3rd party sales partner for Cumulus Media’s audio streams.

“We are excited to be taking this significant step in expanding Katz Digital’s relationship with Cumulus, a leader in the audio industry,” Executive VP Scott Poretti said in a release. “This enhanced partnership will give Katz Digital even greater access to valuable Cumulus content. We are proud to become the exclusive third-party sales partner for Cumulus’ audio streams beginning in 2022. In addition, we’ll work together to bring to the marketplace more robust data, greater audio advocacy and attribution studies, highlighting the tremendous value of digital audio.”

The companies say advertisers will benefit from the partnership in several ways: Added scale on the second largest broadcast group in the U.S. with 413 stations across 86 U.S. markets; Additional supply to be included in a Katz Digital premium offering to national, geo-targeted, programmatic and digital marketplaces, allowing for greater targeting and campaign performance; Strengthening Katz’ UNITED, the Black American-targeted Digital Audio network with Cumulus Media’s 53 Black-targeted radio stations; Enhancing KIM, the recently announced Katz Intelligence Manager data platform for radio.

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