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Katz Analysis Shows Radio Is A Good Way To Reach Black And Hispanic Voters.

With Election Day 2023 now behind us, the focus is on the next vote set for Nov. 5, 2024. The national stakes will be higher as it will feature a Presidential election as well as a battle for control of Congress. The role of Black and Hispanic voters is expected to be more important than ever, especially for Democrats. A new analysis from Katz Media Group shows the potential role that radio could play in reaching those voters.

Tapping into Nielsen data, the analysis shows that among registered Hispanic voters, 85% listen to AM/FM radio – which is higher than the 72% that watch broadcast television, despite the fact that TV usually gets far more political ad dollars.

The situation is the same among Black registered voters. Among that group, 83% listen to AM/FM radio while 77% watch broadcast television. The report shows among both groups, more than eight in ten diverse listeners are also consumers of broadcast radio. And more than four in ten also consume streaming audio, with as much as two-thirds in some of the markets, especially among Hispanic voters.

For reaching Black voters, the Katz analysis shows that the top market is New York where 84% of registered voters listen to AM/FM radio with R&B and adult R&B the top radio formats. Radio shows even stronger in the market with the second biggest Black population – Atlanta – where 89% of Blacks in the metro listen to AM/FM. It is followed by Washington, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

For Hispanics, Los Angeles has the biggest reach. Nielsen says 89% listen to AM/FM radio there with regional Mexican and Spanish Contemporary the most listened-to formats. New York ranks second, followed by Miami, Houston, and Dallas-Ft. Worth.

See a market-by-market breakout of the top Black and Hispanic markets for the multicultural vote HERE.

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