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Kantar Media Expands Its Podcast Ad Tracking Capability To Three More Publishers.

As big brands allocate more of their ad dollars to podcasting, data companies like Kantar are dedicating more resources to tracking that spending and how well the marketing performs. Kantar said Tuesday that it has added three more podcast platforms to its network of podcast publishers. The addition of Acast, Megaphone and Midroll will give Kantar’s clients new insights into their ad spending on the trio.

“The addition of Megaphone, Acast and Midroll to our already existing podcast partner roster further bolsters Kantar’s ability to measure podcasts across media plans and offer marketers a better view of their marketing mix,” said Kantar VP James Jarzab. “As these are direct integrations, with multiple platforms, we can be even more accurate in exposure ID for dynamically inserted ads of these podcasts – especially critical as we enter a cookieless world.”

Kantar already has similar arrangements with podcast publishers including Spotify and Pandora and with its growing list, Kantar said it is now able to measure and analyze the effectiveness of programmatic dynamic ad insertions into podcasts within popular publishers including iHeartMedia, Entercom/Cadence13, the New York Times, and Conde Naste. Kantar clients will be able to access podcast advertising metrics, as well as have the ability to associate exposure to panelists, access more granular creative results, and optimize their existing media plans to identify new ways to engage podcast listeners.

Kantar has already been offering some insights into podcast advertising. In Kantar’s latest Media Reactions study podcast ads topped the U.S. ad equity ranking for online channels. “Podcasts are more popular because the ad environment is less cluttered,” the report said. Consumers also found the ad environment on podcasts more trustworthy compared to other digital channels. As a result, more than a third (36%) of marketers said they plan to increase budget for ads in podcasts in 2021.

Kantar has announced a plan to represent 95% of global digital ad spend by integrating 250 publishers into its cross-publisher measurement service by the end of 2021. The company said its goal is to help advertisers make the leap from cookie-based measurement to direct publisher integrations.

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