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July’s Scorecard: Which Podcasts Moved Up, And Which Lost Ground.

Podtrac has released its ranking of top shows for July among the publishers it measures. It shows the entry of Wondery’s Morbid: A True Crime Podcast to the list at No. 2 in June was not a fluke. It held onto the spot again last month. But The Daily Wire’s conservative talk The Ben Shapiro Show gave up the two spot jump and moved back to fifth place as NPR’s hourly five-minute podcast NPR News Now and the public radio network’s morning news podcast Up First one again stepped ahead of Shapiro.

The New York Times-produced The Daily remained the most listened-to show in July among the publishers measured by Podtrac.

Exactly Right Media’s My Favorite Murder stepped back for a second month, moving down two spots to No. 10. That allowed iHeartRadio’s Stuff You Should Know and This American Life to move up one spot.

NPR had the most shows on Podtrac’s list of top 20 shows for July. It had five make the grade. Wondery had two. No other publisher had more than one.

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