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Jordan And Logan Sekulow Bring Their Radio Banter To A New Salem Podcast.

Attorney and political commentator Jordan Sekulow is already hosting a daily syndicated radio show. Now he is teaming up with his brother Logan to host a three-times-a-week podcast for the Salem Podcast Network. They say the Sekulow Brothers Podcast will include video components and cover a wider array of topics, from politics and sports to kids and families, than they typically address on their Christian radio show.

“Logan and Jordan are at the tip of the spear in this culture war we are fighting, and they know the issues better than anybody,” said Phil Boyce, Salem Media’s Senior VP for Spoken Word Format. “This is going to be a ‘must listen’ podcast.”

The Sekulow Brothers Podcast will debut Sept. 12 and three new episodes will be released each week. The podcast will include commentary and analysis of a wide variety of topics from the brothers’ unique perspectives.

“Our family is known for our intensity. Through the work of the ACLJ, we always showcase hard hitting analysis and legal work. But with this new podcast, you’ll see us in a casual environment,” said Jordan Sekulow. “You’ll learn about our lives, our unique perspectives, where we agree and where we differ. And we will break down our views on news, politics, family, and culture.”

Logan Sekulow added, "We look forward to letting you get to know the Sekulow brothers a little better. And we’ll have some fun along the way!"

The Salem Podcast network launched in January 2021. Triton Digital says it averages more than 17 million downloads per month.

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