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Jam Street Media Launches Podcast Network With Slate Of Programming.

Nearly a year after former iHeartMedia podcast executive Matty Staudt left the company to form the podcast production and consulting firm Jam Street Media, the Los Angeles-based company has released the first shows in its new network.

The trio includes Big Swing Podcast, a show hosted by Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling and sports fan Cooper Surles. It will feature pro athlete guests, talking about sports, pop culture, business and everything in between. Another podcast is Deep Dive, a show hosted by pop star Vanessa Mdee. It is said to be a show that features inspirational guests, personal stories and poetry. The third podcast is Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco. The podcast is hosted by Joe Pistone, the inspiration for the Donnie Brasco character, sharing stories about his time in the mafia. Jam Street also said this summer it will debut Appalachian Mysteria, a podcast about some of the most mysterious murders and mysteries of Appalachia, telling the stories of the “WVU Co-Ed Murders” in season one.

Staudt said in the announcement that podcasting is a medium that creates companionship and comfort, and that’s what shows on Jam Street’s network will offer. “I have spent a career working with talent to create important and long-lasting shows. I want to make shows that break the mold, appeal to a diversity of audiences, and leave people feeling good about themselves,” he said. “I’m also looking forward to finding great independent producers who can use our knowledge of production and business to gain the audiences they deserve.”

Staudt has also teamed up with Amanda Rosenberg to executive produce several projects that will tell the story of women. One in the works is a podcast called Wake Up, which will tell the story of a woman who lost her memories to amnesia and was shocked about what she learned when they started coming back. “We are also working with several documentarians and reporters to bring their stories to podcasting,” said Staudt.

Staudt, a former iHeartRadio Vice President of Podcast Programming, stepped away from full-time work at the company last July to form Jam Street Media with Jessica Navarro, who most recently was EVP and head of production at Unrealistic Ideas, the production company created by actor Mark Wahlberg. Staudt has remained the host of the Access Podcast on iHeartRadio.

Jam Street Media has partnered with Acast on the hosting, distribution and monetization of its programming. “Matty is a veteran in the world of podcasting — an OG audio guy — who has the unique ability to spot projects that have potential and make them shine,” said Rebecca Steinberg, Content Development Manager at Acast. “The industry benefits from players like Jam Street Media, who invest the time and energy into creating quality content with a diverse pool of talent.”

Staudt’s 29-year broadcast career began at his hometown station WQZK-FM Keyser, WV. Since then he’s moved around the country as a producer and consultant. In 2008, he became part of the startup team and first director of content and community for the podcasting app Stitcher before moving to Premiere Networks as a consulting producer. Staudt’s passion for podcasting also extends to academia – he teaches at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he’s credited with developing the first podcast production program of its kind in the U.S. and its first branded content course.

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