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iHeartMedia’s ‘Under the Influence’ Returns For Season Two.

iHeartMedia’s Under the Influence, a podcast hosted by journalist Jo Piazza that shows the power of social media on women, has launched its second season. Under the Influence was named one of the best podcasts of 2021 by Time, Vanity Fair and Mashable, and the second season raises the bar as Piazza examines Instagram and how social media impacts all areas of a woman’s life – for better or worse.

“The response to the first season of Under the Influence was unlike anything I have ever seen,” Piazza said in a release. “I still get hundreds of messages a day from women who are eager to know more about how social media has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and how to live a better life in relation to it.”

Season two launched Thursday (Feb. 10) with a look back on when Instagram went dark last fall. “It woke us, and so many influencers, up to how precarious making your living off social media can be,” a description of Episode 1 reads. “It also reminded us just how dependent and addicted so many of us are to a platform that is indifferent about us at best.”

Under the Influence’s second season will explore how much content women are creating and consuming on social platforms and how its users have power to make social media better. Piazza will examine the worlds of mental health, influencing, adoption influencing, fertility influencing and more. Topics for season two include teachers turning to social media influencing to make extra money for classroom supplies and to supplement their meager incomes; the dangers of mental health influencers who are not licensed therapists; fertility influencers taking the place of doctors when it comes to advising women on how to get pregnant and the terrifying ways that predators can use photographs of children that are posted to Instagram.

Under the Influence is distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network. New episodes will be published every Thursday.

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