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iHeart And Einhorn’s Epic Productions Release First Co-Produced Young Adult Podcast.

The political season is bringing all sorts of Washington-focused podcasts, and not all of them are talking heads digging into the campaign. The iHeartPodcast Network has just launched a pair of series that looks to capitalize on Americans focused on what’s going on in politics.

The first podcast is called “Daughters of DC.” The co-production with Einhorn’s Epic Productions is described as a scripted teen political thriller that takes place in an elite Washington school where four friends share their deepest, darkest secrets on a private audio group chat. When the girls, all from diverse and influential political families, are hacked, they’re thrust into a twisted government conspiracy that threatens to expose some of the world’s most powerful people.

“Given the current political climate, we think the time is right for a smart teen political thriller with diverse and dynamic female leads,” said Heather Einhorn, CEO of Einhorn’s Epic Productions, when the series was announced. “We’re all about creating the next generation of heroic, female characters and stories.” The scripted podcast slate is overseen by iHeartPodcast President Conal Byrne and EEP’s Einhorn, Chief Creative Officer Adam Stafaroni and Brand Strategist Aroop Sanakkayala.

The show is the first in a series of podcasts expected to be released as part of the partnership between iHeart and Epic Productions announced last December. It is geared to producing podcasts targeting 12- to 24-year-olds.

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